Used machinery for sale

Buying used industrial machinery minimises the economic impact of a possible wrong purchase, provides benefits similar to a new machine and cuts costs, freeing investments for other aspects of the production.

That’s why we are offering a selection of reconditioned machines covered by warranty, which includes the safety devices required by law and the CE markings.

asciugatoio multipassaggio

Multi-pass dryer

Drying system with automatic adjustment of the exhauster speed.


Feeder for large rolls

Mainly used for rotary screen-printing. Complete with large roll axial unwinder, it has a relaxation system for stretch fabrics.


Cylinder washer

In stainless steel, for washing the cylinders with a smaller amount of water and with a water recovery system for pre-washing.


Doctor blade washing machine

in stainless steel, for washing doctor blades with a small amount of water and with a water recovery system for pre-washing.


Weft straightener

for electronic weft control on woven fabrics.


Rotary textile printing machine

Machine for printing fabric with screen-printing cylinders

tavolo rotante

Rotating table

For wet-on-dry printing, it guarantees the brilliance of the colours and allows interlaying paper so as not to replicate the print just made.

Tips for buying used ndustrial machinery

method and rulse

Before buying any used machine, it is essential to check some parameters to make sure that all the features of your future machine perfectly meet your needs.


Check the condition of the machine, which must be reconditioned as close as possible to the original factory condition, both aesthetically and operationally.


Ask to verify the quality of the production by observing the machine while it is running and thus getting an idea of what it produces and with what results


Check its ease of use, to understand whether that machine requires specific skills or whether it can be used by any operator

Buying a used industrial system

After having identified the used industrial machine you need, you can make an appointment to see it in person so you no longer have any doubts about its quality or operation.

Our goal is to provide a clear and transparent answer to all your questions, allowing you to verify its operation and to assess whether it can meet your quality standards and your production needs.

mta usato

Revamping or reconditoning

If your machine is still working but needs a “refurbishment”, contact us to talk about revamping.

We will take care of the complete or partial renovation and modernisation of your current machine, installing new automatic systems and modern technological systems, improving its performance and ensuring that it complies with legislation.

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