Industrial automation systems

Automation systems are not just industrial machines, but authentic projects which take shape according to your production needs.

We design every single part together with you; we listen to your needs to build machine tools, textile machinery and plastic processing machines which simplify your work. Out of all of our systems, choose the one that best suits your needs.

mta macchinario in arrivo

Coming soon: Drilling machine

mta macchinario in arrivo

Coming soon: plastic reel rewinder

mta macchinario in arrivo

Coming soon: slotting machine

mta svolgitore assiale grandi rotoli

Axial unwinder for large reels


Bevelling machine


Centring machine

mta taglierina


asciugatoio stampa digitale

Digital Printing Dryer

introduttore stampa digitale

Feeder for digital printing

mta taglierina ghigliottina

Guillotine cutter

Multi-pass dryer

mta rotativa di stampa

Rotary textile printing machine

mta carrello stampa serigrafico

Screen-printing cart


Screw driving machine

mta maschiatrice

Tapping machine



svolgi riavvolgi grandi rotoli

Winder-Unwinder for large reels

Positioning robot

We are partners of Kuka Robot because it has the best features to adjust to our systems, adapting and integrating with the automations and production processes of every sector quickly and without difficulty.

Integrating a digital workforce will allow you to reinvent the work at your company, by increasing its productivity and performance.

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