Textile machinery

The textile industry represents one of the most important sectors of the manufacturing industry in Italy.

Textile machinery is involved in fabric manufacturing processes and especially in dyeing, printing, twisting, fibre processing, fabric handling and weaving.

With over 20 years of experience, we want to be a point of reference in the design and production of textile machinery, thanks to high quality plants and a high level of automation.

Multi-pass dryer

Drying system with automatic adjustment of the exhauster speed.

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asciugatoio stampa digitale

Digital Printing Dryer

The dryer is designed to polymerize and dry digital textile printing

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Compact machine designed to wind and unwind the various types of fabric.

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mta carrello stampa serigrafico

Screen-printing cart

The screen-printing cart guarantees the quality of the screen-printing.

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introduttore stampa digitale

Feeder for digital printing

Compact machine that allows for providing a constant pulling force to the fabric and an alignment with the printing machine.

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mta svolgitore assiale grandi rotoli

Axial unwinder for large reels

Designed to feed fabric into digital printers.

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mta taglierina ghigliottina

Guillotine cutter

Cutter equipped with double dancer which guarantees a good regularity in the smooth movement of the fabric under the blade

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mta rotativa di stampa

Rotary textile printing machine

Machine for printing fabric with screen-printing cylinders Possibility of installing from 1 to 32 cylinders.

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